Dating a puma white hunter

The puma white hunter (especially good vintage pieces) never cared for the looks or ergos of the white hunter, a pre-date code senior is my edc knife. Since 1964, puma knife company includes a control number indicating the year of your knife's manufacture here's how to find out what it means. Early (1990) puma solingen germany white hunter date code located on the guard 24091 one of the finest examples of a early puma white hunter you will find. 14 puma white hunter knife - for sale classifieds. Shop puma knives germany white hunter fixed blade knife, 59in blade, stag | 20% off 43 star rating on 3 reviews for puma knives germany white hunter fixed blade knife, 59in blade, stag + free shipping over $49.

Puma white hunter #16-377 (1974) new in box w/ sheath $35000 plus shipping knife # 3: puma bowie #16-396 (1982) new in box with sheath $300. Can my puma knife still be repaired we cannot exchange the blade of fixed blade puma knives, because this would be equivalent to making a new knife. The cougar (puma concolor) was declining while the population of the less frequently preyed-upon white-tailed deer was when the hunter arrives on the.

1956 – the white hunter knife is developed in conjuction with the east african professional hunter’s association 1957 – kurt gutmann of gutmann cutlery company in new york becomes the us distributor 1964 – military series introduced 1965 – puma® incorporates date codes on its knives that indicate when each knife was made. The puma white hunter and sheath are all original and unused the rockwell sticker is still on the blade the puma survival logo is a nice deep etch on the blade. Official usa home of puma® knife company puma buffalo hunter fixed blade hunting knives puma sgb deadwood canyon smooth white bone hunting knife with. I bought a vintage puma white hunter #6377 from e-bay and want to know how old it is i've read that if it has a number on the cross it is newer than 1964 as older ones didn't have this serial number.

1954-1964 pre-date code , puma white hunter 6377 , stag , solingen germany - $19237 up for your consideration is this , 1954-1964 pre-date code , puma white hunter 6377 , with stag handles , made in solingen germany. For your viewing pleasure puma model 6377 white hunter knife puma model 6377 white hunter made in 1969 puma date code chart. I have acquired several older puma knives and understand you can determine date of manufactor by the serial number i was hoping someone would explain.

This is a very rare puma white hunter model 6377 genuine pumaster steel germany knife in the original leather scabbard 53606 dating it to circa 1967. I have finally joined the club and acquired my first puma knife a white hunter 6377 produced the 2nd part of 1980 i have to say, i am extremely impressed with the workmanship on this knife. I own puma white hunter 240 puma automesser this service is a handy tool that keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news and offers that heinnie has to.

Dating a puma white hunter

The puma white hunter was developed in 1956 in conjunction with the east african professional hunter’s association to be the leading knife for big game hunting the puma white hunter’s featured stag handles – which are made from the shed antlers of wild stag – are formed via a meticulous manufacturing process and make the knife a truly unique, one-of-a-kind tool. The range of products made by the brand puma from solingen stands especially for classical knives in the best handmade production, with design-orie.

  • Buy puma p116375 stainless steel white hunter: puma gold class white hunter stag german made hunting knife with leather sheath date first available.
  • Puma knives for sale puma knives for sale history of puma knives | puma steel chart | puma knife dating chart mini white hunter: puma skinner: puma hunters.
  • The puma white hunter is handmade in solingen, germany experience report by henry e prante about the puma white hunter, addressed to the puma company in solingen 1966 on a recent hunting expedition into british columbia’s chilcotin wilderness, i had the opportunity to experience the use of one of your white hunter knifes.

Review: the puma bowie knife- for the jeremiah johnson in all of us germany plant, crafting their famed white hunter knife from start to finish:. Puma white hunter knife, puma waidblatt or puma jagdtaschenmesser add to basket view puma knives 116375 white hunter fixed blade knife e-mail a friend. The slang term puma is related to the more commonly known cougar, in regards to older females dating younger men -- so what's the difference.

Dating a puma white hunter
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