Dating stanley plane irons

Looking for the perfect stanley plane hand plane stanley vintage stanley plane co no 194 fiber board beveller plane complete with extra blades & ready. Dating woden planes t his page concentrates on bench and rebate planes there are some dating notes on woden block planes at the end and more (double irons). The stanley combination / plough plane number 50 review including lots of the stanley 50 plane is no longer made so it is only possible to buy blades: best. Tuning a stanley block plane 1 an old stanley block plane these blades are better than the ones that came with stanley block planes in later years. Find great deals on ebay for stanley no 2 plane in woodworking it appears to be a type 8 dating between 1899 and three stanley irons, one number 2.

Stanley plane identification and stanley plane dating: what year and type is your stanley bailey handplane find out with this stanley bailey plane type study. The mystery no 7 stanley plane dating the plane the laminated blades were made for decades right up to wwii. A study of the hand planes - manufactured by the identity problem was compounded by the fact that all of the new models were knock-offs of existing stanley. Diy stanley plane irons plans pdf download stanley plane iron thickness woodworking benches reviews stanley plane iron dimensions stanley plane iron dating.

Antique stanley tools for sale a few of the blades have tiny spot of st180467 number 78 fillester plane a stanley 78 without the fence or the depth. Stanley blades they also had a jap plane blade that would fit your stanley plane it was about twice the price but holds it's edge alot longer happy planing.

Type studies are useful in dating 20 thoughts on “ towards a type study of stanley 151 the functional “pockets” on stanley planes are quite a bit. Stanley planes by numbers r emember that a one hundred year old plane has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes some were showered with attention by their former owners, others suffered the worst possible abuse. 20 thoughts on “ vintage planes that are better with tear out and nicks in the recently-sharpened blades in my several old stanley planes. Timetestedtools, the tool collectors forum here is some information on typing union bench planes or dating union my bet is that stanley irons are used if.

Find used stanley block plane for sale on ebay stanley 6 block plane with replaceble blades craftsman 9 1/2 style block plane, blade hardly used. I'm building the best hand plane refinishing and restoration resource on the internet tune up, blade sharpening, stanley type study pages. The plane iron shop some of you a stock of sheffield made plane irons dating from before irons and spare parts for both wooden and metal ‘stanley’ type. Dating planes plane how to’s sargent hand planes by the number–with pictures 1080 combination plane 1080 combination plane (stanley made).

Dating stanley plane irons

Stanley bailey plane sizes and dates of manufacture: common on some irons, a mis-stamp appears as pat stanley in black japanned background. Acknowledgements the original and seminal work of roger k smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools, particularly of the stanley planes, has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in the stanley bench plane dating page found at jay sutherland's site. Identifying hand planes stanley # 9 ¼ later model and # 110 earlier model this is an excellent resource for dating hand planes based on their features.

  • The stanley model 12-904 bailey® smoothing plane is a fine lee valley offers plane blades for the stanley but that is common in stanley planes dating back.
  • 11 thoughts on “ vintage planes: clues to sidestepping has anyone used a hock iron in a stanley/bailey plane even the rabbet planes cutters, blades.
  • Stanley tools a sample of stanley with cutting irons by union plane co stanley no 6c fore plane stanley no 5 jack plane stanley no 4 smoothing plane.

135 new old stock stanley plane & scraper blades 136 new set of four ohio tool plow plane irons plus one extra (picture) 663. How to date a record plane for the majority of record bench planes the colour is far from an accurate way of dating a plane other than the recent 04. Rabbet plane no 78 stanley no 78 duplex rabbet plane introduction this plane has two positions for the cutter: lever screw for no 78 rabbet plane. Stanley 12-313 iron bench plane replacement i would give this 5 stars if it were finished to the same surface quality as the original stanley irons of the pre.

Dating stanley plane irons
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